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Everyone has got a story to tell. Shipwreck Simon has a fair few in the pipeline that connects to the past and rides us into the future. Legend has it that he started grinding his trucks on curbs whilst still cutting his chicklets, risking late take offs on steep cold seas. His was a quest for discovery. He sailed the fierce waters of the Dakuwaqa Seas and washed ashore in the dizzying epicentre of the Big Smoke where he was frequently spotted on the east side, flying a flag high over the fields of Avalon. Propelled by a thirst for adventure, he continued to live his dreams, wandering freely as he crossed hundreds of borders and eventually came to the far flung lush shores of a tropical paradise that held special powers. A drifter with a wonky crooked smile who finally found a home on an island surrounded by a crystal clear ocean relentlessly peeling warm waves breaking at menacing shallow corals reefs. Sour shamanic medicines, vertiginous abstract patterns, introspection and ultimately an acquired love for all things life has to offer. Sour paradise provides a platform for Shipwreck Simon to share a journey into his mind through line. Every depiction holds a memory, wrapped in a story, revealing a desire and realising a dream. Sour Paradise is an apparel brand uniting lovers of all things tropical, free spirited souls passionate about surf and skate with sensitivity for hand drawn designs. Unique t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, worldwide shipping, manufactured in the US and Europe.